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Spatial Transcriptomics

Spatial transcriptomics is the study of gene expression patterns within the context of tissue architecture and can provide a more complete understanding of cell-cell interactions. It is a powerful tool for anyone interested in understanding the complexity of biological systems and tissue organization at high resolution.

DAPI Stain
Gene Expression Heat Map

SAGC has 3 spatial platforms

Visium (10X Genomics)
Stereo-seq (MGI STOmics)
Xenium (10X Genomics)

Combing the benefits of histology with the discovery power of mRNA sequencing

"A previously inaccessible view of tissue biology”.

Prof. David Lynn, SAGC Scientific Director


Whole transcriptome mapping within morphological context of complex tissue samples
  • Each slide contains 5000 spatially barcoded spots giving you high-resolution (1-10 cells) per spot from standard tissue sectioning and staining. 
  • Compatible with both FFPE and fresh frozen tissue samples.
  • Whole transcriptome analysis – no need to select targets or specific region of interest
  • Demonstrated on a diverse set of tissues across species


VisiumHD is NOW AVAILABLE in Australia

Supporting FFPE Tissue and CytAssist Compatible
Ask us for more details and pricing


Stereo-seq (SpaTial Enhanced Resolution Omics-Sequencing)

Whole transcriptomics for discovery applications (range of 1000-2000 genes/cell) leverages in situ mRNA capture and cDNA sequencing with barcoded spatial coordinates to create a spatial transcriptomic profile of the tissue section for analysis.

  • Subcellular spatial localization of mRNA
  • Chip design ~320M spatially barcoded spots/cm2
  • Spot size = 200 nm diameter
  • Range of field size to accommodate larger tissue samples (up to 13 cm x 13cm)

STOmics Stereo-seq OMNI for FFPE Samples
  • Total RNA and Microbial RNA
  • Species Agnostic
  • Single-cell resolution 

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Xenium In Situ

Targeted gene expression and protein quantification at subcellular resolution

Xenium is an end-to-end platform that enables high-throughput subcellular mapping of RNA targets. 

  • Menu of off-the-shelf gene panels + order 100 custom add-on genes
  • Compatible with fresh frozen (FF) and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues
  • Microscopy based read-out (no NGS), allows H&E post-run
  • Single molecule RNA and Protein targets (subcellular resolution)



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