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SAGCJun 3, 2024 1:28:21 PM3 min read

South Australian Multiomics Framework Initiative - EOI due June 14

Launch of the South Australian Multiomics Framework Initiative to Foster Capacity and Capability Building Across Omics Platforms

With $0.5M in support from Bioplatforms Australia, the SAGC, along with our BPA-funded partners, Metabolomics SA and UniSA Proteomics, are seeking expressions of interest for multiomics projects from South Australian Researchers across our partner institutes (SAHMRI, The University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, Flinders University and AWRI).

We are in the omics era: hundred-dollar whole genome sequencing, million cell transcriptomics, high-resolution spatial transcriptomics, high-plex proteomics and many other enabling technologies that can be combined to tackle research questions in novel ways. The integration of data generated via different and complementary ‘omics technologies has the potential to reveal new insights into biological mechanisms and pathways not detectable with single-method approaches. Multiomics analysis and data integration, however, is not without its many technological hurdles and cost barriers. Fortunately, South Australia has a comprehensive set of advanced omics infrastructure and capabilities to enable world class research across various omics areas, such as: genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics and bioinformatics. Projects that combine different approaches and form collaborations across platforms will generate more impactful research and create new capabilities than is possible by single research groups or disciplines.


The South Australian Multiomics Framework Initiative aims to:

  • Support the innovative application of multi-omics technologies to tackle important new research questions.
  • Build capability and expertise in multi-omics data integration and analysis.
  • Foster collaborations between SAGC partner institutes and across BPA platforms in SA.
SA Omics Framework_Social Post (4)



Bioplatforms Australia (BPA) and the South Australian Genomics Centre (SAGC) are seeking expressions of interest (EOIs) from South Australian researchers who wish to conduct innovative multi-omics projects through a BPA-supported Framework Initiative. The focus of this Framework Initiative is to promote collaboration and capacity building across SAGC partner institutes (SAHMRI, AWRI, and the 3 SA Universities) and BPA-supported omics facilities in SA that leads to high-quality multi-omics research and/or datasets of national/international significance. The successful projects will develop novel ways of combining data generated using different omics technologies and will have significant potential to drive new discoveries in the fields of biology, agri-food, the environment, or biomedicine. Examples of previous or currently BPA-supported Framework Initiatives can be found here


Successful EOIs will be eligible for up to $150,000 AUD, plus in-kind support from the SAGC, which will contribute up to $20K in FTE support from its genomics and/or bioinformatics teams as part of the collaboration. A total of 3-5 projects are anticipated to be selected for funding support. The majority of the budget must be spent on accessing SAGC genomics services and the services of at least one other BPA-supported facility in South Australia (see below).

Total Amount Available (AUD): $500,000.00

Estimated Project Value (AUD): From $100,000.00 to $150,000.00



1. Each application must be led by co-investigators from at least TWO of the SAGC partner institutes (i.e. SAHMRI, AWRI, Flinders University, UniSA, University of Adelaide).

2. Additional investigators/collaborators from non-SAGC partner institutes (e.g. industry partners, government agencies) can form part of the proposed team but cannot lead an application.

3. Each application must propose to use SAGC genomics services and at least ONE other BPA-supported facility in South Australia (e.g. Genomics and Metabolomics).

4. Projects that additionally use other NCRIS-supported capabilities will be viewed favourably.

5. Co-funding support (cash) for the project from host institutions or other sources will be viewed favourably but must be new, not existing funding.

6. Timeline: planned project start date should be within 3 months from the approval date and be completed within 18 months.

For inquiries please contact


Important Resources:

Program Overview

Q&A reference

Online Submission

Submission template (word.doc) *Please submit as PDF