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1 - Get a quote

Please discuss your project with the facility first and obtain a quote. Email is the preferred method of communication for regular services. Please provide as much relevant information as you can (eg. sample number, type, yields, analysis services required etc).

2 - Accept the quote

sign, provide a purchase order number and return via email. Purchase orders should be raised to SAHMRI, ABN 54 141 228 346 (Internal SAHMRI staff can provide a cost code).

3 - Prepare Samples

Check your quote for the submission details. Usually 2 aliquots of samples (QC and analysis) are required in sealed 96 well plates filled down columns. NB. For larger sample numbers requiring multiple sequencing runs, please randomise the order to ensure groups are spread. All RNA/DNA samples should be pre-checked by clients to ensure purity (260/280) and amount. It is strongly advised that amounts are measured via a fluorescence assay (eg. via Qubit) as nanodrop measurements can be unreliable. All plates should be clearly labelled with a surname, quote number and date.

4 - Prepare a samplesheet

Please provide a clear spreadsheet indicating the sample locations in the plate/s and a unique sample name to be used for each (Please use alphanumeric characters and underscores only). Please email this to the centre indicating your quote number.

5 - Drop or courier samples

Samples can be dropped at SAHMRI via pre-arrangement with centre staff or couriered to the centre on ice.

After submission the samples will enter the centre’s queue for processing. Initial quality checks (RNA or DNA) will be performed on the QC aliquot to ensure the samples are acceptable for the assay. Quality checks are by Tapestation or LabchipGX assays and amounts by the appropriate Qubit assay.

Where samples do not meet the quality or yield requirements, the customer will be contacted and given the opportunity to resubmit. NB. The centre will not be responsible for cherry picking client samples – any resubmission requiring the use of samples from the first submission will need to be performed by the client who takes full responsibility for sample identity and plate order. This can be performed at the centre in consultation.