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SAGC Workshops 2021

As part of the SAGC’s community outreach, we will be conducting a range of full-day, in-person workshops starting in February 2021. Workshops will be open to all researchers and students in the state, introducing and presenting tutorials on the computational analysis of high-throughput sequencing data while also providing hands-on support from SAGC staff and collaborating research expertise. Workshops will be aimed at all levels of bioinformatics knowledge, however there will be an assumed familiarity with analysis environments including the Linux/UNIX command-line terminal and/or R statistical computing console through RStudio. While workshop places will be open to all researchers, places will be subsidised for learners from partner institutions (all SA universities, AGRF, AWRI & SAHMRI).

Workshops will be targeted to a particular genomics approach that is used by SA researchers and will bring together collaborating researchers that commonly run similar analyses in their own work. Each workshop will be structured with an initial seminar from leading Australian or International experts in the specific field followed by a hands-on analysis tutorial which will include step-by-step instructions on how to analyse datasets.

All workshops planned for 2021 are also listed below, with additional special presenters to be confirmed in the coming months.

2021 Dates

Metagenomics & Microbiome Analysis 

- Special presenter Professor Rob Edwards (Matthew Flinders Fellow, Flinders University)

Flinders University, Bedford Park

Tuesday 9th February 2021

Agrigenomics & high-throughput genotyping analyses

University of Adelaide Waite Campus, Urrbrae

Tuesday 12th April 2021

Single-cell and bulk RNA sequencing analysis

SAHMRI Auditorium

Thursday 8th July 2021

Epigenomics sequencing analysis

Health Innovation Centre, UniSA, Adelaide Biomed City

Tuesday 21st September 2021